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Bascom Palmer
Rapid Virtual Eye Care

Quick Expert Care

Connect with a Bascom Palmer expert provider via video using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Rapid Virtual Appointments

Schedule an appointment online or call us today. 800-329-7000 (option 2, 1)

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Have an Eye Concern?

Schedule a Rapid Virtual Eye Care appointment for a quick and easy way to connect with one of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute’s expert providers from the comfort of your own home. Use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to connect. Your eye care provider will evaluate, diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medications when indicated.

  • Common concerns include:
    • Styes
    • Eyelid swelling or tenderness
    • Tearing or watery eyes
    • Red or pink eyes
    • Dry eyes
    • Itchy eyes
    • Eye pain or discomfort
    • Discharge from eyes
  • Important Information:
    • Service is covered by most insurances. Please refer to your insurance plan for coverage details.
    • Affordable pricing if you are without insurance.
    • Service is limited to persons located in the state of Florida.

Appointments comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and are strictly confidential.

* Glasses and contact lens prescriptions are not provided through this service.

Questions? We're here to help.

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The services provided through the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Rapid Virtual Eye Care program are for problem-focused eye consultations. If you have a serious condition that requires immediate care, please go to the nearest emergency room. The eye care professional will ask you to describe the condition for which you are seeking an eye care consultation and will ask additional questions to determine whether your condition can be treated through an on-line virtual visit and, if appropriate, through referral for medications at a pharmacy of your choice, or if your described condition will require additional in-person follow up care. If additional care is needed, you will be provided instructions on scheduling an appointment at a Bascom Palmer Eye Institute facility or directed to an eye care office near you. If you choose not to seek further services, you acknowledge that you understand you are expressly assuming the risk of any further worsening of your condition.

The services provided are limited to persons located in the state of Florida. If you are contacting us from outside the state of Florida, we will not be able to provide you with any virtual services.

If you proceed with this virtual visit, you are acknowledging that: you are currently located in the state of Florida, you do not have an emergency eye condition, and you understand and accept the conditions of this virtual consultation. This includes your understanding certain conditions are not able to be diagnosed on-line and the ability of the eye care professional to provide consultation depend upon the completeness of your responses to any questions we may ask.