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Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


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The University of Miami Health System offers comprehensive, expert care for all endocrine conditions. Endocrine disorders affect your hormones, which control many different functions throughout your body — from how your body processes what you eat and drink to growth, reproduction, and more.

Our experts determine the cause of your symptoms and develop a customized treatment plan that offers you the best possible results. You receive personalized attention and the latest approaches from a team that’s known for endocrinology expertise.

From advanced diagnostic testing, specialized care in the hospital, and a full range of outpatient services designed for your convenience, University of Miami Health System offers complete care, close to home.

Why Choose UHealth?

The latest, research-backed treatments. As an academic medical center, we leverage the latest research completed by the nationally recognized University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to offer the latest treatments — including promising new approaches through clinical trials. You benefit from medical advancements before they’re widely available, provided by leading endocrinology experts who are known worldwide for their expertise. Our doctors and researchers are on the leading edge of technology and treatments for endocrine disorders.

A comprehensive, team approach to endocrine disorders. Our endocrinologists work closely with surgeons, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, fertility specialists, oncologists, nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists, dietitians, and other health care professionals to provide complete care. We address all aspects of your condition to improve your health and well-being.

Customized care that helps you take control of your health. Endocrine disorders often require ongoing management, so we consider your lifestyle and needs to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. We make sure you have the information and resources necessary to manage your health — whether it’s blood sugar management for diabetes or diet and exercise strategies for osteoporosis. And, with locations throughout South Florida, you can find expert care close to home.

Leading diabetes expertise. We're known for our diabetes research and care. Our Comprehensive Diabetes Center at the Lennar Foundation Medical Center offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care in a single location. The Miller School of Medicine’s Diabetes Research Institute, the largest research center dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes, has pioneered advancements used in diabetes centers around the world. Both locations offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care from leading diabetes experts in South Florida.

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