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Internal medicine specialists (internists) are primary care doctors who focus on preventing, identifying, and treating health conditions in adults. At University of Miami Health System, you can count on our internal medicine team to provide expert care in a patient-centered setting.

Our internists focus on the whole person, not just your health condition. Our goal is to improve your health by addressing your physical, mental, and social well-being. We care for people with all sorts of health concerns — including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, musculoskeletal disorders, and more. Your internist works with other specialists to coordinate your care and help manage any chronic conditions.

We help you maintain good health and avoid serious illness using nonsurgical methods. Most importantly, we promote lifelong health. We work closely with you to keep you healthy.

Why Choose UHealth?

Experienced team to coordinate your health care. You can choose from a highly diverse, multitalented group of more than 50 providers. Our internists serve as doctors, educators, and researchers.

Commitment to prevention and health maintenance. We focus on more than the treatment of particular health conditions. We help you maintain optimal health and prevent chronic illness. By seeing your internist regularly, you can lower your risk of developing health conditions that affect your quality of life.

World-class care in an academic health center. We’re a research and teaching institution, so you have access to the latest treatments — including promising new therapies through clinical trials. We treat adults with proven, leading-edge approaches based on innovative research at the Miller School of Medicine. Our internal medicine team is exploring how to improve care for people with cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, HIV, and more.

Access to top-notch specialty providers. Our comprehensive health system puts you in the skilled hands of a highly trained group of health care professionals, including 1,200 of the nation’s top doctors in more than 100 specialties. We use a patient-centered approach that prioritizes your health care preferences.

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