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Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Ophthalmology Laboratory

Dr. Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid Orbital Vision Research Center

Research Focus

We work at the intersection of discovery science and the delivery of clinical care. The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Laboratory employs an applied science approach to the development of new therapies and tools to improve the delivery of ophthalmic care.

The future of ophthalmology, and medicine in general, will rely on the ability to reverse or correct the course of disease, restore, and replace lost tissues and cells, and regenerate functional vision in our patients. Recent advances in the fields of stem cells, tissue engineering, molecular genetics, epigenetics, medicinal chemistry, and computational biology, as well as advances in genetic sequencing technology have provided us with powerful insights into how exerting regeneration from within the human visual system can be accomplished. The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Ophthalmology Laboratory is exclusively dedicated to the development of novel therapies for some of the most confounding, blinding, and lethal diseases of the visual system. The laboratory is structured as an integrated, multidisciplinary, and highly collaborative enterprise in which all investigators, trainees, and units synergize around the common objective of advancing and elevating everyone’s approach to ocular regeneration. One of the main goals for the center is to generate the resources, models, tools, and knowledge that will benefit the entire ophthalmologic research field in support of our common pursuit of eradicating blindness.

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