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Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Fellowship

The fellowship is a 2-year American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS)-approved program under the direction of preceptors Dr. David Tse and Dr. Thomas Johnson. Two concurrent positions commencing on even years are available. Dr. Wendy Lee, Dr. Chris Alabiad, Dr. Sara Wester, Dr. Brian Tse, Dr. Andrew Rong, and Dr. Nathan Blessing serve as associate preceptors. All preceptors are trained ophthalmic plastic specialists on the full-time faculty of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

The fellowship offers a blend of clinical, surgical, and research experience in an academic environment. Clinic responsibilities include pre-op evaluation and post-op management of patients. A comprehensive surgical experience encompasses the full spectrum of lacrimal, eyelid and orbital reconstructive surgeries due to disease or injury, as well as aesthetic and rejuvenative procedures. The fellows actively participate in resident teaching, surgery and oculoplastic clinics. They also participate in clinical and translational research efforts centered on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to oculoplastic and orbital diseases. There are frequent interactions with other subspecialties, including dermatology, head and neck surgery, pathology, general plastic surgery, oral/maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery and neuroradiology in a busy medical center setting. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the other fellowships offered through the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Information and application can be obtained from SF Match.

Please note: You must have a Florida State Medical License before beginning your
Fellowship. You must have passed all 3 parts of the USMLE for a Florida License and have spent 2 years in the United States under direct physician supervision.


Damarys Menendez (Manager, Fellowship Program)
P.O. Box 016880
Miami, FL 33101

Toll Free: 800-329-7000 ext. 6032
Phone: 305-326-6032
Fax: 305-326-6580

Dr. David Tse
Toll Free: 800-329-7000 ext. 6086
Phone: 305-326-6086