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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Augmented Vision Laboratory

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Investigator / Contact Person Mohamed F. Abou Shousha, M.D., Ph.D.
Mohamed F. Abou Shousha, M.D., Ph.D.

Mohamed F. Abou Shousha, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
Clinical Profile | Publications
Biography: Dr. Abou Shousha is a clinician scientist with expertise in caring for patients with cataract, and corneal diseases. He also has expertise in developing novel ophthalmic technology to advance visual aids, wearable diagnostics, and optical coherence tomography imaging techniques. He was awarded an R01 award from the National Eye Institute. He was awarded 50+ United States...
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Esdras Arrieta Quintero

Esdras Arrieta, M.D.

Postdoctoral Associate
Biography: Dr. Esdras Arrieta, a Postdoctoral Associate, plays a pivotal role at the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Augmented Vision Laboratory located at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. With an extensive background in research and computer programing, and a passion for advancing technological solutions, Dr. Arrieta dedicates his efforts to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and visual computing.  Dr. Arrieta's commitment to pushing the boundaries of science and technology underscores his dedication to improving patient care and shaping the future of healthcare.
Georgeana Mijares

Georgeana Mijares

Clinical Research Coordinator
Biography: As a Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of Miami, Georgeana is deeply engaged in facilitating cutting-edge research at the intersection of medicine and science. In addition to being a lab team member at the AI and Computer Augmented Vision Laboratory, Georgeana plays a pivotal role in coordinating clinical trials and studies within the department. This involves ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and ethical standards, fostering collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and participating in the recruitment of patients for various research projects. From participant recruitment and data collection to liaising with healthcare professionals and overseeing study protocols, Georgeana is committed to advancing medical knowledge and contribute meaningfully to the university's mission of excellence in research and patient care.
Maria Matosas

Maria Matosas

Senior Research Assistant 3
Biography: Maria Matosas is currently a Senior Research Assistant 3 at the AI and Computer Augmented Vision Laboratory, and a student at the University of Miami, where she is diligently pursuing her academic goals. With a passion for science and a strong desire to make a difference in people's lives, Maria aspires to continue her journey in the medical field beyond her university years. She is driven by the prospect of contributing to advancements in healthcare and improving the well-being of others. With her commitment to learning and her determination to succeed, Maria is poised to make significant strides in her future career as a healthcare professional.