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Mitochondrial Physiology Laboratory

Ophthalmic Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Center

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Investigator / Contact Person Anh Pham, M.D., Ph.D.


The primary aim of the Mitochondrial Physiology Laboratory revolves around enhancing the understanding and enhancement of mitochondrial well-being in optic neuropathy models through a diverse range of methods. Our research involves the creation of murine models tailored for detailed imaging studies, allowing precise assessment of mitochondrial dynamics and clearance in various biological settings including primary tissues, organotypic cultures, and retinal explants. Furthermore, we are actively investigating novel approaches utilizing CRISPR-based technology for the manipulation of mitochondrial DNA.

  • Experimental models for high-resolution imaging of mitochondria

  • Mitochondrial physiology in glaucoma models

  • Gene therapy for mitochondrial DNA