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AC Sprain

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An AC sprain, also called separated shoulder, occurs when the acromioclavicular (AC) joint (connects your collarbone to your shoulder) is injured. The ligaments can be overstretched or — in severe cases — torn by falling on the shoulder or hitting the shoulder hard against another player or surface.

In severe sprains, your child’s shoulder blade may separate from the collarbone and appear lower down the back than normal. Your child may develop a bump on the shoulder, have trouble moving the shoulder, or experience pain at the top of the shoulder.


Physical Exam
Your child’s doctor will examine the shoulder to look for deformities, like the collarbone being out of place. They may also have your child complete a few movements to look for problems in shoulder function or to check for pain.

X-rays can show if shoulder bones are separated.


Your child may need to wear a sling to keep the shoulder in place as it heals.

Pain Medicines
Medicine can help manage pain as your child heals.

Cold Therapy
Your child can use cold packs on the shoulder to help reduce pain after an AC sprain.

Your child will need to give the shoulder plenty of time to rest and heal. Most mild to moderate injuries can heal on their own with proper rest.

Shoulder Repair Surgery
If your child has a severe separation or multiple torn ligaments, they may need surgery to help repair the ligaments and move the bones back into place. Your child may have arthroscopic surgery, which uses a few small incisions and a specialized camera, or open surgery, which uses a large incision, to repair the shoulder.

Physical Therapy
While your child recovers from surgery and after the shoulder has healed, they will need physical therapy to rebuild strength and range of motion safely.

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