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Tendons connect your muscles to your bones. When these tissues become inflamed due to overuse, it is called tendinitis.


endinitis can happen in any tendon, but is more likely to occur in tendons used frequently in sports, like those in the elbows, shoulders, knees, and wrists. Tendinitis can be called other names that refer to the exact location of the injury, such as swimmer’s shoulder or tennis elbow.

Tendinitis symptoms may include:

  • Pain when moving the affected joint
  • Tenderness in the joint
  • Swelling


Physical Exam
Most of the time, doctors can diagnose tendinitis by asking questions about your child’s pain and examining the affected area.

Your child’s doctor may order an X-ray to rule out bone fractures or other injuries.


Pain Medicines
Your child’s doctor may prescribe pain medicines to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Cold Therapy
Your child can use ice or cold packs on the affected tendon to help reduce pain and swelling.

Your child will need to give their body plenty of time to rest and heal. They may need to take four to eight weeks off of activity. 

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist can help your child perform exercises to relieve pain and prevent future problems. Stretches and strengthening exercises can effectively prevent tendinitis. Your child may need to do exercises while they heal and after they return to play.

If the tendon is torn completely, your child may need surgery to reconnect the tendon. Most surgeries are arthroscopic (minimally invasive) and use just a few small incisions. Your child will need physical therapy and plenty of rest after surgery.

Why Choose the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute?

Home to a sports medicine certified pediatrician. The University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute is home to a sports medicine certified pediatrician, who completed specialized fellowship training to help athletes under the age of 18. You can rely on our expertise to help your young athlete recover, rebuild strength, and get back in the game. 

Multidisciplinary support designed just for young athletes. We focus on caring just for children and teens, helping them avoid injuries and return to sports as quickly as possible. Each member of your child’s care team has years of experience and expertise caring for children and adolescents. From physical therapists and pediatric dietitians, to pediatric radiologists and orthopedic surgeons, you can trust that your child will receive treatment designed for their growing body.

Honored to be on your team. Even though we may treat some of your child’s sports heroes, our experts at the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute are proud to offer all of our patients the same level of expertise at one of the nation's leading sports medicine programs. We combine top-notch care with research, clinical trials, and innovative treatments for your young athlete, at any skill level.

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