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Exercise Oncology

Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care


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At Sylvester, we provide patients with the opportunity to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle before cancer surgery and during and after treatment.

Our exercise oncology clinic provides patients with the opportunity to meet 1:1 with an exercise physiologist. During the consult, patients will learn strengthening exercises for daily living, stretching for mobility, and behavior-change strategies to promote healthy movement.

Each exercise consult can be done either in person (at the Science Medical Office Building at Sylvester) or through tele-health. In these consults, patients will receive individualized feedback on their current activity and a personalized recommendation for exercise.

Sitting Exercise Video

Standing Exercise Video

Our physiologist holds a 30-minute group exercise classes every Monday through Friday, tailored specifically for cancer patients. Every movement is specifically selected to improve body range of motion, upper body strength, and coordination.

Each consult allows for weekly follow-up and accountability free of charge.

Most patients see drastic improvements within the first 3-months of joining the program if they stay consistent.

Within the first 3- months most patients see increases in:

  • Daily energy levels
  • Strength
  • Weight loss
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Mental health

All group classes are LIVE in REAL-TIME. You don't to register and it's easy to log in. Beginners and frequent exercisers are welcome. These classes are tailored to people with any type of cancer or who may be undergoing any type of cancer treatment.

Here is our current schedule of group exercise classes.

"Get Fit with Chris"
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 p.m.
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"Shape Up with JC"
Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 4 p.m.
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