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Postdoctoral Training Program

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The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Office of Education and Training helps support the needs of the 100+ postdocs in Cancer Center member labs on the medical campus. We aim to work alongside the University’s postdoctoral programs office to provide research, mentoring, career planning and professional development skills to the Cancer Center’s postdoctoral trainees.

The Postdoctoral Programs Office (PPO) at the University of Miami

The PPO is committed to providing all postdocs university-wide with a supportive environment, resources, workshops, and seminars to enrich the training experience and facilitate personal growth and professional development. Please see for more information.

The Cancer Center’s postdoctoral opportunities include the following:

SCCC Postdoctoral Council

The council focuses on improving the postdoctoral experience at the University of Miami by promoting collaborations between SCCC trainees, strengthening connections between members and their local community, and supporting trainees' professional development.

The leadership team is actively working on four main initiatives:

  1. Work in Progress (WIPs): Monthly trainee-only seminars lead by postdoc fellows. The goals of this seminar are to (1) bring together trainees from different fields and enable collaborations, (2) allow trainees to practice their talk (e.g., chalk talk, job presentation, conference presentation) in a safe space, and (3) receive constructive feedback from their peers.
  2. Journey Through Science: Invited speakers from diverse backgrounds (e.g., academia, government, business) will discuss their unique career and life trajectories to further understanding of alternative career options for postdoctoral level trained professionals and provide trainees with advice.
  3. Ambassador Program: Incoming postdoctoral fellows will be paired with an established trainee who will guide them through their transition and move.
  4. Patient/Trainee Seminar Series: Oncologists and basic science researchers will unite to lead a seminar series dedicated to patients with the goal of making the science behind cancer accessible.

The council will also host numerous social events throughout the year with the hope of creating an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters multidisciplinary collaborations and is conducive to success.

If you would like to get involved in any of the initiatives described above, have any other ideas or comments, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the leadership team.

Leadership Team:

Oriana Teran PumarOriana Teran Pumar, PhD (She/Her)
Postdoctoral Associate
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology - Tumor Biology Program
Mentor: Defne Bayik Wason, PhD

Blanca Noriega Esquives Blanca Noriega Esquives, MSPH, PhD (She/Her)
Postdoctoral Associate
South Florida Cancer Control Training in Disparities and Equity (C-TIDE) Program
Mentor(s): Frank Penedo, PhD; Sara St. George, PhD.

Marta MissiaggiaMarta Missiaggia, PhD (She/Her)
Postdoctoral Associate
Translational and Clinical Oncology (TCO) Research Program
Mentor: Chiara La Tessa, PhD.

Boutheina MarnissiBoutheina Marnissi, PhD (She/Her)
Postdoctoral Associate
Microbiology and Immunology
Mentor: Paolo Serafini, Ph.D.

Mentored Teaching Opportunities in Cancer Education

Several mentored teaching opportunities are available for postdoctoral fellows. Small group teaching opportunities include teaching special subjects for a graduate course in cancer biology and for graduate level RCR training through case studies. Guest lecturer positions for undergraduate courses in biology and cancer biology are also available.

Tumor Biology Pilot Grant Competition*

The Tumor Biology research program offers this funding opportunity is to support and facilitate the highest quality basic and translational research proposals submitted by postdoctoral trainees from laboratories whose PIs are members of the Tumor Biology Research Program. The grant award is intended to provide seed money for a project area developed primarily by the trainee and for trainees to gain experience and reviewer feedback to aid future grant development and preparation efforts. For information please contact:

*All postdoctoral trainees are also eligible to apply for the SCCC trainee travel awards. Further details on that funding opportunity can be found here.