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Endocrine Cancers


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Your endocrine system helps you process and use energy. Neuroendocrine cells are even more specialized. They help control the flow of air and blood through your lungs or how quickly food moves through your digestive system.

Our team-based approach offers you a correct diagnosis and the most targeted treatments. Your Sylvester cancer care team will be made up of oncology experts who have dedicated their lives to just your type of cancer. You will be treated as an equal member of your care team, with all your choices and wishes respected.

Why Choose Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center?

Sylvester is an NCI-designated cancer center. The National Cancer Institute has recognized Sylvester for its outstanding work conducting research in its laboratories, treating patients in its clinics and hospitals, and reaching out to medically underserved communities with innovative prevention strategies.

Only center in South Florida with a specialty endocrine testing center. We provide greater accuracy in your diagnosis, leading to more precise treatments and better results. Located at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, the center is staffed by specialized nurses and technical assistants who perform complex hormone tests.

Advanced radiation oncology tools. Our RapidArc® radiotherapy system delivers intensity modulated external radiation therapy (IMRT). This leads to more efficient and effective treatments, shorter treatment times, pinpoint accuracy in tumor targeting, and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

More cancer clinical trials than any other South Florida hospital. If appropriate for your cancer and stage, our clinical trials provide you with the newest ways to treat and potentially cure your cancer.

One of only six designated Cancer Centers of Excellence in Florida, and one of only 11 prospective payment system (PPS)-exempt dedicated cancer hospitals in America. We treat cancer and only cancer. That means better patient outcomes over traditional hospitals and non-comprehensive cancer treatment providers. The likelihood of a patient surviving cancer after five years at a Dedicated Cancer Center is 17 percent higher than at other hospitals. 

Multidisciplinary care teams. Your care team is made up of experts in your exact type of cancer and every single aspect of it.

Developers of the Miami Criterion, a procedure for hyperparathyroidism. We provide surgical leadership worldwide for endocrine cancers. If surgery is required, the approach offers smaller incisions, shorter recovery time, less pain, and more targeted treatment. Our method allows the surgeon to remove—through a tiny incision—just the section of parathyroid gland that’s over-secreting the parathyroid hormone.

Supportive care. Psychologists and palliative care specialists can help you fit cancer treatment into your life and ease the burden and stress of treatment. Complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage are also available.

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