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Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help doctors find new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent cancer.

Before a new cancer treatment can be approved and become part of standard treatment, it must go through three different levels of evaluation called phases. The goal of phase 1 clinical trials is to determine the safety, early evidence, and efficacy of new treatments in patients with cancer. Phase 1 trials may help develop more treatment choices and most importantly, give hope, for hematology/oncology patients.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has the only academic phase 1 clinical trials program in South Florida.

Phase 1 trials normally involve a small number of patients who are closely monitored by our research team.

Deciding to be a part of a phase 1 clinical trial is a big decision. Each trial has its own risks and benefits. You can choose to quit a clinical trial any time, but should consult with your doctor first.

If you are thinking about participating in a clinical trial here at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, these questions may help you decide:

  • Why is this trial being done?
  • How long will I be in the trial?
  • What are the possible side effects of the experimental treatment?
  • What are some possible benefits?
  • How will we know if the treatment is working?
  • Will my insurance cover any costs?
  • How could this trial affect my daily life?
  • Will I have to travel long distances to be a part of this study?
  • What are my other treatment options?

We carefully screen all potential participants to determine if they are eligible for the study. This is done to be sure the study is safe for you.

Financial considerations

Costs vary from trial to trial. Typically, Phase 1 studies include patient care costs, which are usually covered by your health insurance, and research costs that are covered by the study sponsor. We will discuss official clinical trial costs in detail with you.

What to expect

Treatment days can be long but we do our best to expedite the process as much as possible. We recommend that you bring a bag with a small blanket, a book, music, and tablet/laptop to keep you occupied during the down time.

At times, you will need additional treatment before or after your study medications are administered dependent upon your laboratory results.

Your study coordinator will be available to answer any questions you may have.

We’re in this together

The research team at Sylvester is committed to finding a cure for cancer. We are both thankful for and honored by all the courageous patients who allow us to be a part of their care.

Phase 1 Clinical Trial Team