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Managing Your Care

While you are undergoing treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, you are a part of our team and have a vital role to play. We want to help make your appointments and care as stress-free as possible.

Follow these tips:

  • A goal throughout radiation treatment is to maintain your weight and keep yourself well hydrated. This is especially true if you are also receiving chemotherapy.

  • Arrive on time for all your oncologist appointments, radiation therapy sessions, and other appointments.

  • Follow any instructions for your daily treatments that are given to you.

  • Make your treatment team and therapy team (therapists, nurses and your radiation oncologist) aware of any side effects, including new pain you may be having during your course of treatment.

  • Pay special attention to any skin care or mouth care instructions given.

  • Speak to your doctor before taking any supplements or medicines. Some supplements may have an adverse effect with radiation treatment.

  • While in the hospital receiving care and treatment, your identification will be verified multiple times. This is done for safety purposes. You may be asked your name, birthday, and to verify a photo we have in our system. While this may seem repetitious, your safety is our priority.