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In-Vivo Fluorescence Microscopy

The Imaging Core supports the use and maintenance of a Leica DMI 6000B CS inverted microscope system for in vivo fluorescence microscopy. This microscope provides a wide range of capabilities for imaging live cell dynamics.


This microscope is located on the 6th floor of the McKnight building, room 621.


  • Leica DMI 6000B CS Microscope
  • Leica DFC 7000 C Camera
  • Five objectives (10x, 20x, 40x, dry and wet, 63x wet)
  • Fluorescent filters for GFP, DAPI 390 and Y5HP
  • HP Computer System running Leica LAS X Software designed for fluorescence quantitative multiplex and time-lapse imaging. This software has a wide range of image processing tools including Edit, Adjust, Lightening, Deconvolution Noise Reduction, Segmentation, Dye Separation, and Topological modifications and stitching together of multiple images.
  • A Controlled Atmosphere Chamber surrounds the microscope allowing live specimen to be monitored and time-lapse imaged over prolonged periods under optimal conditions